Choosing The Right Beam Pattern For Truck's LED Light Bar

If you do a lot of driving at night, it can be beneficial to have additional lighting mounted to your truck to aid in visibility. LED light bars provide the perfect solution for drivers looking to increase their light output without compromising the aggressive look of their trucks.

Here are some beam patterns to consider as you select your LED light bar in the future.

1. Spotlight LED Light Bars

If you need a light bar that has the ability to illuminate objects that are at a distance, then investing in a light bar with spotlights is your best bet. A spotlight beam pattern is characterized by its narrow, long-reaching light. If you plan to do a lot of night driving on paved roadways where there isn't much need to illuminate the shoulder of the road to identify obstructions, then a spotlight is equipped to meet your needs.

Due to the narrow nature of a spotlight, the beam pattern from these light bars is more targeted, making it difficult to see objects in your vehicle's periphery. Choose a spotlight LED bar when your night driving requires distance illumination only.

2. Floodlight LED Light Bars

If you are planning to do a lot of off-road navigating during night hours, then having an LED bar with floodlights is your best option. A light bar with a floodlight beam pattern will flood the area directly in front and to the side of your vehicle with light. This makes it possible to identify boulders, cliffs, or other obstacles in your truck's periphery that could pose a driving risk.

Taking advantage of the mass amount of light created by a floodlight light bar system will help you see more clearly to either side of your truck, but the limited depth of the beam pattern means that you will not be able to drive as quickly when installing a floodlight LED light bar.

3. Combination LED Light Bars

If you don't want to limit your night-driving options to either paved surfaces or off-road courses, you might want to invest in a combination LED light bar for your truck. These light bars come equipped with bulbs that cast both spotlight and floodlight beam patterns, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits both types of beams can provide.

While you may lose some of the light intensity at a distance or in your periphery due to the reduced number of bulbs dedicated to illuminating those areas with a combination LED light bar, these lighting products can turn your truck into a more versatile night vehicle.

Understanding the difference between spotlight, floodlight, and combination LED light bars will allow you to select the lighting product best suited to meet your truck's needs in the future. Contact a business, such as Horizon Truck & Body Ltd truck fabrication, for more information.