3 Reasons You Shouldn't Repair Your Own Sunroof

If you have a sunroof in your car, you probably enjoy the light that pours into vehicle. Still, if the sunroof starts to leak, it can cause serious damage to the interior of your car or truck. Like other automotive repairs, you may be considering completing the sunroof repair on your own. However, that is often not the best route to take. Here are a few reasons that a sunroof repair should only be completed by a professional:

The mechanism is complicated.

Sunroofs open in a similar manner to the door windows of a car. However, the panel on which the window slides has been placed on its side instead of in an upright configuration. This placement complicates the repair.

The sunroof does not simply move back and forth. Instead, the panel has to be tilted so that its weight does not force it downward as it is sliding back into the roof of your car. The tilt is also needed to perform any type of venting configuration in which the rear of the sun roof panel tilts upward to allow the airflow to enter without opening the entire sunroof.

Parts are only visible after the roof is disassembled.

Instead of just a few electric components, such as motor, slide and switches, a sunroof has additional parts that can break. These parts are only visible once the sunroof has been disassembled. 

Sunroof disassembly usually begins by removing the panel of glass that comprises the roof. When tilted upward at the back, the panel may allow access to the screws that hold it in place, but it must remain in a tilted position during the screws' removal. Even after the screws are removed, the glass of the sunroof still has to be slid away. At this point, the parts that cause a sunroof to open and close are usually visible, but technical knowledge is needed to know what to look for.  A professional can identify excessive dirt, cracked gears or any other issues that have developed. 

A sunroof replacement may be needed.

Once a technician remedies the visible problems, the roof may still not function properly. If the roof does not work as it should after the professional has cleaned the mechanisms and performed routine maintenance,  a replacement roof may need to be installed.

Replacing a sunroof is not usually an easy job. The interior trim that surrounds the ceiling of your vehicle has to be removed. In addition, the overhead lights have to be disassembled. Even after those items are removed, the whole headliner has to be pulled down to access the entire sunroof apparatus and unbolt it.

If your sunroof is starting to leak or no longer functions as it once did, it is best to have it checked by a professional. Schedule an appointment with a mechanic, like T M Custom Auto Trim & Glass Ltd, in your area.