3 Situations Besides An Accident Where A Tow Truck Might Be Needed To Get You Back On The Road

When people think of a tow truck service, they usually envision having to calling for help after a car accident or after the engine goes kaput. But there are also situations where your vehicle might be in good working order but it simply can't get back on the road. Here are 3 situations where you would benefit from already having the phone number of a good local tow truck company entered into your speed dial.

You've Run Out of Gas

Did you try to push your luck and now you find your vehicle completely out of gas? You could try walking to the nearest gas station or asking a stranger to give you a ride, but neither of those options are especially safe. A tow truck company can obviously help you get your car to the nearest station for a refill in a safe and professional manner. Many tow truck companies may also be willing to actually go to the gas station first and then show up with a can of gas for you as long as you are willing to pay a fee for the service. 

Your Car Has a Tire Situation

If one of your tires suddenly goes flat, you are going to need to change it if you hope to get anywhere. If you are not especially skilled at changing a tire or you don't have a spare one available in the trunk, you could be out of luck. Luckily, towing companies can assist with this problem. The most straightforward method would be to get them to tow your car to the nearest auto center but many tow truck companies can actually provide a flat tire service at roadside to help you get back on the road immediately. 

Your Car Is In A Ditch Or Steep Ditch Or Other Hard to Reach Place

If you took a wrong turn and ended up taking your car down into a steep ditch, embankment or other predicament that you can't quite seem to get out of, a tow truck company may be your best option. Getting out of your car and trying to push the vehicle back on the road with help from a stranger might work, but that is also potentially dangerous. A tow truck can safely and securely latch onto your vehicle and gently pull it back out onto the road.

Tow truck companies like Bonnyville East End Service 2007 Ltd can handle many situations besides just accident cleanup. Get acquainted with a local towing company today in case you one day end up low on gas or with a flat tire or ditch problem that you can't fix on your own.