Four Tips To Help Repair And Prime Your Car Body To Get It Ready For Paint

If you are building your own custom car, there is a lot of work that you put into it. When you finish it, you want the paint job to show how much you have put into it. There may be repairs that you plan on doing before you take it to the paint shop, you may also want to prime it too. Here are some tips to help you with the body repairs and priming of your car:

1. Replacing Rotting Sheet Metal With New Pieces

When an old car is exposed to different environmental conditions, many of the metal body parts can rust. This can be severe in areas like the fenders and the floor pans. If it is too bad, you will want to completely replace this metal before you move on to other repairs on your car. This is something that you will want to do for any rusted floor pans, which can be difficult to patch with a filler.

2. Repairing The Small Rust With Filler Materials

There may also be some areas of a car with light rust that needs to be repaired. You will want to start by sanding all the loose materials until there is only raw grey metal and no rust. Once the rust is completely removed, you can fill in any holes and pitting in the metal using an auto body filling compound. If you have to do a lot of patching, you may want to consider replacing some of these pieces if possible.

3. Sanding And Preparing The Body For The Primer

Once you have all the repairs done, you will be ready to start sanding the car to get it ready. You will want to sand all the bad spots and make sure that there are no smooth surfaces. Doing this will help to ensure that the primer coat of paint bonds well to the body of the car and does not chip when you have it painted.

4. Painting Your Car With A Fresh Coat Of Primer

The last step is to give your car a fresh coat of primer. You will want to use an auto body primer and paint the entire car. You can also paint the underside of the car to give it protection. You may need to give it several coats of paint to ensure that you do not miss anything. It should be an even solid color without any variations in the color.

These are some tips to help you get your car repaired and primed. If you have your car ready for a fresh coat of paint, contact an auto body shop and have them give your car a professional shine when it is finished.

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