Keep On Rollin' - Yard Projects You Can Make From Old Tires

If you have just paid a visit to your local tire shop, such as Tire Pirates, to get a brand new set of tires installed on your vehicle, think twice before allowing the service to take away your old tires. Instead of having to pay for tire disposal, consider bringing the tires back home with you to be used in unique ways around your yard. Here are some fun projects you can do with your old tires, saving you money and recycling the tires in ways you and your family will enjoy.

Rocking Toys

Cut a tire in half using a circular saw. You will be able to make two single-rider rocking toys to place in your yard for children to play with. First, paint your tire pieces with a bright color. Cut two wood planks to be used for the sitting areas and center one over the cut ends of each tire so the rounded portion is underneath the plank, in a "U" formation. The plank should be the same length as the tire.

Use L-brackets to attach the tire pieces to each plank. Screw a metal handle in place a few feet from the end of each plank. Decorate each rocker to look like an animal by adding large wiggle eyes or painted-on features.

Small Pond

To make a small pond, simply drape a small plastic tarp over a tire and push it down in the center portion so it is flush with the ground. Tuck the edges underneath the tire. Stack up several rocks and stones around the sides of the tire to hide the tarp. Fill the center portion with water and enjoy your new landscaping centerpiece.

Flower Planters

Place a few tires in areas of your yard where you wish to add bursts of color. First, paint the tires in a pleasing hue. Fill in the center portions with potting soil. Add several flowers to the soil, making sure some of them are hanging plants which will drape over the sides of your tires. Add a few small flags or yard decorations inside the planter to draw attention to your beautiful flowers.

Patio Furniture

Paint your tires in whichever color you desire. Use rubber cement to attach your tires together. Stack two tires for a chair, and four tires for a table. Make the seat area of the chairs by covering thick pieces of foam with vinyl seat covering material. First, cut a piece of plywood into a circular shape using a circular saw. Place a piece of circular foam on top of the plywood and wrap the vinyl around the foam. Staple edges of the vinyl to the plywood using a staple gun. Glue the cushion directly to the two-tiered tire chair.

For the table, use a piece of plywood for the table top. Decorate by gluing coins, buttons, pennies, or shells to the wood and cover with a coating of polyurethane. Glue directly to the four-tiered table base.