Caring For Your Yamaha Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle is a thrilling thing. You can hit the road for an adventure at any time, feeling the wind in your face and the rumbling machine beneath you. Keep your Yamaha motorcycle running strong for as long as you own it by following these simple care tips.

Battery care

Your Yamaha's battery will need to be maintained in order to ensure a great start every time you want to go out for a ride. Motorcycle batteries have to have their fluid levels checked fairly frequently. This is because they are not sealed like car batteries are. Your bike's battery should be located in a fairly easy location for access, such as under your seat or on the side. Check your levels every 3,000 miles or every month. If you see your levels below the max line, add distilled water to keep your battery fluids where they should be. Your local Yamaha motorcycle dealer can also check your battery for you if you are worried about getting battery acid on you or incorrectly meeting your fluid levels.

Start your bike often

Even when not in use, you should periodically start your engine to make sure your bike rumbles within the first try. This is called a cold start. If your motorcycle cranks over quickly after not being ridden for a month or so, then your engine should be in relatively good repair. If it takes several attempts to get your motor to kick on, there are a few common reasons why:

  • months of non-use
  • draining or drained battery
  • poor gas quality

If you repeatedly are unable to kick over your engine within a minute, then take your bike into your local Yamaha motorcycle dealer and have your motorcycle inspected to see what could be causing your ignition issue.

Store your motorcycle properly

Your motorcycle should always be stored in a garage or enclosed area. This protects it from the cold, and helps prevent it from being damaged by the wind, or getting knocked over accidentally. If you must keep your motorcycle outside, use a bike cover or tarp to protect it against rain and the sun, which can damage your seat's materials. You can buy a cover specific to your Yamaha's model at your local dealer, or modify a piece of material to use to keep your machine safe.

Owning a Yamaha motorcycle means taking care of your ride in ways that you likely aren't used to. Once you learn the basics of motorcycle care, you can feel more confident about taking your bike on the road anytime you want. For more information, contact Motosports of Trenton or a similar location.