Common Car Brake Myths Dispelling

Driving you car is likely a task that you take for granted on a daily basis, but these vehicles are exceedingly complex devices. Without every component of the car working within its designed specifications, the vehicle will quickly encounter problems that may make it unsafe to drive. In particular, the brakes are often a source of problems for car owners because they may be making the mistake of believing a couple of common notions about this part of a car. 

Myth: Any Sounds Or Vibrations From The Brakes Are A Sign Of Trouble

While it is true that you do not want excessive noises coming from your brakes when you apply pressure, some people assume that any sound is a warning to get the car to a repair shop. Sadly, brake work can be rather expensive, and many repair shops charge drivers just to look over the vehicle. Fortunately, it is perfectly natural for your brakes to make a minor or occasional sounds when you are using them. 

These sounds occur from the friction that is generated when the brake pad strikes the rotor at an awkward angle. As long as the sound is a not a recurring or worsening problem, your vehicle probably does not require a trip to the mechanic. Yet, if the sound persists or the car starts driving differently, you should immediately take the car to a repair shop before you are involved in an accident due to the mechanical problem. 

Myth: The Brake Pads Are The Only Part That Needs To Be Regularly Replaced

It is common knowledge that you will eventually need to have your brakes services, and some people will attempt to save money by doing this work themselves. However, these individuals may make a critical mistake of assuming that the pads are the only part needing to be changed. 

There are actually many different components to the braking system, and all of these components are subjected to intense pressures and heats when slowing the car. As a result, the entire braking mechanism should be inspected when the pads are changed (or as part of any routine brake check in Calgary). If any seals or mechanical parts are showing signs of wear and tear, they will need to be replaced to ensure continued safe operations of the vehicle. 

Slowing or stopping your car is one of the most important control features that you can have. Unfortunately, brake systems are remarkably complex, and they can encounter any number of issues over the course of time you own a car. By understanding the realities behind these common brake myths, you can help ensure that you are always driving a car that is in safe working condition.