Was Your Vehicle Vandalized? You Can Easily Remove The Graffiti Yourself

There are few things worse than walking out to your car in the morning only to discover that someone has spray painted the side of your vehicle. If you take action right away, you can remove the graffiti from your vehicle without damaging the car's paint.

Soap And Water

The first thing you need to do after you discover your vehicle is fill up a bucket with soap and warm water. You can use car wash soap, or the soap you use to wash your dishes with.

Many brands of spray paint are actually water soluble, and should come off with soapy water. Even if the spray paint used on your vehicle is not designed to be water soluble, soapy water may still be able to completely or partially remove the spray paint from your vehicle.

You will want to use a sponge to try and remove the spray paint. Scrubbing in a circular motion will loosen the paint particles.


If soap and water does not completely remove the graffiti from your vehicle, it is time to move onto something a little stronger. Acetone is a colorless and flammable liquid that is used for cleaning. You can use pure acetone, but be careful because it can take off the paint on your vehicle if you scrub a little too vigorously.

Products such as paint thinner and nail polish remover also contain acetone. Instead of pure acetone, you can use nail polish remover to remove the graffiti from your vehicle; since it is mixed with acetone as well as other ingredients, it will not be as harsh on your paint.

Just dab a little bit of acetone or nail polish remover onto a rag, and then use the rag to wipe away the spray paint. When the rag becomes dry, just add a little more acetone to it. If you choose to use acetone to get the spray paint off your vehicle, make sure you wash your car once you are done since acetone can damage your paint if it is left to sit on your vehicle.

Clay Bar

Finally, you can go down to your local auto parts store and purchase a clay bar. Clay bars are used for detailing vehicles. Clay bars are usually sold with some form of lubricant.

First, you will need to spray the lubricant over the graffiti and then move the clay bar in a circular motion to remove the paint. If the lubricant dries up before you are done, you will need to spray the area again and keep moving that clay bar in order to get rid of all the graffiti.

If you need further assistance, contact an auto shop like Bare's Paint & Bodyworks.