Clean Your Aluminum Rims To Protect Them From Corrosion

Over time, it is easy for road grime to build up on your aluminum rims. If you let this grime just sit there, it will slowly corrode away your rims. In order to protect your rims from corrosion, you need to take an extra hour at least twice a year and clean all that road grime off of your aluminum rims.

Rinse And Wash Your Rims With Dish Soap

The first thing you need to do is get out the hose and spray down your rims. If you have a nozzle on your hose, set it so that the water comes out in a straight, heavy stream and blast the water on your rims to remove any loose debris.

Then, take some dish soap and rub it all over your rims using a sponge. Allow the soap to sit and soak in for about five minutes. After about five minutes, once again use a strong stream of water to rinse the soap off.

Next, use a terry cloth to wipe off the rims and soak up any water that is left.

Clean Your Rims Using Oven Cleaner

To really get off the grime that is stuck on your rims, you will need to use some oven cleaner.

First, however, before you use the oven cleaner on your rims you should use some newspaper or plastic to tape off the area around your tires. This will keep your paint safe from the oven cleaner. The oven cleaner could remove the paint from your vehicle.

Spray the oven cleaner directly on your rims and let it soak in for about twenty to thirty minutes. After it has soaked in, use a dish scrubber to get the grime off of your rims. Once you have scrubbed as much of the grime off as possible, spray it down with the hose again and dry and buff your rimes with a clean terry cloth rag.

You may need to repeat this process if you have excessive corrosion on your rims.

Sand Away Any Pitts

Once you have cleaned your rims, you should be able to see if the rust has caused any pits. Run your hand over the surface of your rims; it should feel smooth. If it feels rough, then it has some pitting. You can get rid of pitting by sanding by hand or by using a very small sanding wheel on your drill. Make sure you only apply light pressure and that you evenly sand the area. 

Polish Your Rims

In order to protect your rims from further corrosion, wash off your rims after you are done sanding. Then, use an aluminum brightener to polish your rims. Finally, apply some clear car wax to your rims. This will protect your rims from gathering up grime and from becoming corroded in the future. Make sure you rinse and clean your rims every time you wash your car, and give them a deep cleaning at least twice a year. 

If your rims are greatly damaged, or if you have more questions, contact a local auto body shop, like Accurate Tirecraft